Copyright 2000 - 2008 Dr. Steve Johnson

I've been privileged to hear and read the thoughts of many of God's anointed messengers and for the past thirty years, I've collected "Power-Lines" from many sources. Often they are the seeds that germinate and burst forth in my own words and writings. While the few articles offered here are mine, I would lay no claim to originality. I credit God with their power to lift the down-hearted and guide the wanderer. May they be Power-Lines to strengthen your life effectiveness.
---Dr. Steve Johnson

Are You Ready To Change?

How Do You See Yourself?

Overcoming Your Discouragement

Are You Satisfied?

It's A Matter Of Personal Integrity

People Skills Are Essential

Breaking Out of Depression

Knowledge Isn't Everything; But It Helps

Rule Your Impulses

Change Your Self-Talk


Someone Understands

Fear Paralyzes Faith Energizes

Light And Bugs

The Power of Praise

Get A New Image

Love Your Work

You Are What You Think

Get A New Mind-Set

Make Today Count

Your Greatest Asset

Goal Setting - God's Idea

Become A Jesus-like Leader

What's Wrong With Being Average?