Some Heart to Heart Words …Friend, this publication is aimed at lifting the human spirit and encouraging others along their way to becoming all they were destined to be. This edition is more personal; but its purpose is the same.

This Sunday (Palm Sunday), Christian worship services will focus our attention on the final week of Christ's historical journey to the cross. Scripture records His entry into Jerusalem, as a time of ovation. Gathered crowds left their traditional feasts to hail Him as King. Children and adults, alike, ran before Him, paving His path with their cloaks and with branches. They cheered and shouted, "Hosanna, hosanna to the King!" (Matthew 21).

But, the scene quickly gave way to ridicule, mock trials, brutal torture and crucifixion of this One, called King Jesus. The words, "Away with Him … crucify Him" resounded in the streets. There are many lessons to glean from the unfolding of God's dramatic expression of love for sinful humanity, through the substitutionary death of His only Son.

For example, there is the question of "Who is this Jesus?" Do you see Him only as a persuasive teacher; or as the Incarnate Son of God? In your mind did His death end in defeat; or, secure eternal victory for all who believe?

Your answer to these questions gives insight into how you see, yourself. You are either traveling through life with only an intellectual conclusion as to Who Jesus is; or you're walking in a personal heart-faith relationship to Him. Do you see yourself as a temporal being, with no future beyond physiological death; or, as an eternal being, created in God's image and destined to spend eternity, somewhere?

Yes, I know these are heavy considerations and very personal. But, they are the thought gateway to experiencing the reality of forgiveness, hope, peace and joy in your daily life.

I trust that this Easter Season may bring more meaning into your life and that you will consider its implications on a personal level.


Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve