Change Your "Self-Talk":

Before seminary, twenty-nine years ago, I was a State of Florida Probation/Parole Officer and then Director of a halfway house for "delinquent" boys. It didn't take long to realize that many of the youths I worked with had low self-esteem and that their false beliefs about themselves were constantly being reinforced by those around them.

A young man, (I'll call him "Gary") told me that he was in trouble because his family and friends had always told him that he was "no good". I believed he was only partly right.

Yes, it's true that what others say about us has a profound impact. But, what we say to ourselves, about ourselves has an even greater affect. "Gary's" self-talk was the real culprit.

If you say you can't you can't

If you say you don't you don't

If you say you won't you won't

I can't forgive I can't get well I can't stop I can't I can't

I don't feel I don't have I don't know how I don't I don't

I won't pass I won't be accepted I won't succeed I won't I won't!

Think of what is lost by people holding these false beliefs. If they are the words you are scripting for yourself change them change them now!

Here are just a few examples to get you started:

"I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me." "God has not given me a spirit of fear; but, of love, power, and a sound mind." "I speak to the mountains blocking my way and they are removed to the sea." "I am a new creature in Christ my past is forever past." "I am focused and like the Apostle Paul I say, 'This one thing I do forgetting what is behind, I press on toward the mark of the high-calling in Christ' "

Plant these seeds of thought in the fertile soil of your mind and nurture them. They will bear much fruit!

Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve