In his book, Power of the Plus Factor, Norman Vincent Peale relates an experience he had in Hong Kong. He was strolling through the twisted streets of a little market area, when he noticed a tattoo studio. He went over and looked at the various designs that were available. There were anchors, eagles, and hearts. Then, Dr. Peale noticed one bearing three words, "A Born Loser". He asked, the tattoo artist, "What kind of a person would ever ask for this one to be indelibly placed on their arm or hand?" The Chinese proprietor pointed to Dr. Peale's forehead and tapping it lightly said, "Person who has it already engraved in his mind."

The Bible says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." It's really true that the deep thoughts we hold about ourselves, shape our lives, even more than the thoughts others have about us. In fact, someone has said, "It makes no difference if you believe you will fail you will; if you believe you will succeed you will."

I'm not suggesting that you will enjoy life-achievement by mere intellectual assent. One must act upon his or her beliefs and persevere, until the desired result is obtained. So, it is important to get moving in the direction of the things you want in life. But, it is at this juncture that many people fail.

I talked with a man this week who said that his hopes for fulfillment in life had ended thirty years ago, when his wife left him. Despite having been remarried to a lovely lady for twenty-three years and raising five wonderful children, he still thinks of himself as a failure. He's not working on any life-goals and habitually short-circuits his former dreams through a barrage of self-condemnation and feelings of shame. I asked, if he had sought God's forgiveness for any contribution he might have made to the failed marriage, and he assured me he had.

Now, here's the question, "What right do we have to condemn ourselves, when God has already forgiven, pardoned and forgotten?" If you think you're "A Born Loser," remember, those who have been re-birthed into God's family, are all "Born To Win!"

Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve