In Seven Steps To A Quality Decision, Buddy Harrison warns us to go on guard whenever we feel that no one understands us. He explains that such feelings bring isolation and that once we are "separated from the flock" it is easier for Satan to destroy us.

It is important to realize that God designed us and that He understands us from the inside out. He knows all about our faults, failures and sins, and yet He still loves us and He cares. In moments of feeling alone, we need to seek God out. He is near.

Hebrews 11:27 reads, "For he endured, as seeing Him Who is invisible." Yes, it's amazing what a glimpse of God can do for your ability to endure, when you see Him in the midst of your situations. If you're not seeing Him, yet, you may be looking in the wrong direction; or, never invited His presence into your life.

Usually, when we're down and discouraged, feeling no one understands there will be important decisions to make. Life doesn't stop because you're having a down day.

There have been times when I've made heavy decisions in my life, without consulting God or heeding His counsel. Every time the results were disastrous. But, He is gracious to forgive my failures and quick to reward my times of obedience to His will. He loves me; He really does. And He loves you too.

I believe, "What Would Jesus Do?" is much more than a phrase on posters, bumper stickers and religious jewelry. It should be the first question we ask ourselves, whenever we are down, when there is a decision to make. Even in the market place, it should be the first consideration. How would Jesus handle this transaction, employee, customer, etc. ?

It's my prayer that you will discover God's presence in your life each day and that in so doing, you will become the Christian leader in your sphere, that He intends for you to be. Let's agree to look for God in our situations and have our endurance strengthened.

Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve