Overcoming Your Discouragement:

Sometimes it seems that a certain mystique surrounds Bible characters. We often envision them as rugged and tough, but also tender and daring. Each day with them was a courageous adventure, wherein they accomplished the unachievable and even the unbelievable. The Old Testament prophet, Elijah, at first glance fits that description.

But, let's look a little closer. This prophet, who made a dramatic fiery-chariot exit from earth, had true-to-life human emotions to overcome. And discouragement was at the very top of his list. Once he was so down that he prayed for God to let him die: "… it is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life…" (1 Kings 19:4).

However, the amazing thing about Elijah is not his Old Testament super-stardom; it is the remarkable way he overcame deep depression. Before his life ended he had bounced back and was used of God in awesome ways. You, too, can tackle discouragement by trusting the Lord to supply your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Through a personal relationship with Christ you can begin to ride the imaginary chariots of fire everyday and face the challenges of life with a positive outlook and inner peace.

In the midst of all your hurts, trials, and confusion God is still in charge and He loves you passionately. Bow your heart before Him in prayer and ask Him to give you strength, wisdom, and courage for the challenges in your life. Also, give God those concerns that are too big for you to solve and trust Him to make "all things to work together for your good".


Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve