'Where there is light, there will soon be bugs. " --S. Johnson



Are you a leader in business, community affairs, or church ministry?

From experience, I can tell you that all leaders must develop a tolerance for criticism and rejection. No leader has ever had universal appeal. You will be blind-sided by ridicule and sometimes even those you thought most loyal will drop from sight. Leadership is a lonely role.

All great leaders face obstacles. They succeed only by persisting. If you let your "leadership light" shine, you will attract "bugs". The Apostle Paid was stoned by his critics ... Christ was crucified.

M.A. Gruder, administrator of the supersonic transport program of the Department of Transportation, reminds us, "To be successful in Washington you must have the ability to lay a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at you."

No matter what the oppostition, the successful leader moves forward. The leader who knows Christ as Savior and Lord, moves toward "success'n life", not only through persistence; but, with balance, also.

Success at any price is foolish! Can you really enjoy the fruits of your labor, if ill gained; if your health, sanity and family are lost? What good is wealth, if you are spiritually bankrupt and spiraling toward eternity and a devil's hell? Accept Christ, if you haven't. If you have, remember Him and model His priorities for life-balance.

Committed Christians, in leadership roles, can count on God to take care of the "bugs", while they take care of keeping the light shining.

Remember: "Statues are never erected to honor critics; just the people they criticized."


Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve