Its been well stated that, "Life is a continuum and is filled with change." That notion reminds me of my seminary days in New Orleans. In the early seventies the Super Dome was billed as "the largest room in the world." I reflected on that publicity claim and shared in a sermon, "The largest room in the world is not the New Orleans Super Dome the largest room in the world is the room for change, within each of our lives."

We are gifted with the awesome power of free choice. In America, we enjoy freedom that sometimes causes us to believe that we are special and uniquely deserving of life's best. But, we know that Father God is no respecter of persons. Our national freedom came at great price, as men and women in uniform gave their lives. Our spiritual freedom came at the expense of our faultless Savior's life, given for all mankind at Calvary.

It is in this context of freedom of choice that you and I can embrace change. We can forsake our failures, sin, hurts, fears and pride and move into our divinely designed destiny. But, are you ready to change?

Someone aptly concluded: People change when they

Hurt enough that they have to,

Learn enough that they want to, and

Receive enough that they are able to.

A change for the better is always noble, but it demands a choice; as I like to say it, a resolute determination, followed-up with persistent action and God's faithful support. You may not be able to change a given situation, but you can change its affects upon your life. You can change your heart attitudes, emotions and will. The process is called "learning".

Don Shula and Ken Blanchard joined together in a motivational presentation to say, "Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven't learned a thing until you can take action and use it."

Make Today Count,

Pastor Steve