Bishop Stephen A. Johnson

 Palm Harbor, Florida


Dear Co-Laborers In Christ's Ministry:

Let us be firm in our resolve that Faith Covenant Community Church of America shall work under God to strengthen the saved and win the lost. In the warmth of our Lord's compassionate grace and mercy, may this church be about the business of ministering Biblical truths and care, in a concerted effort to bring life, hope and restoration to hurting humanity across America and around the world.

Believing in the soon return of Jesus Christ for His Church, it is imperative that Christian ministries promulgate a Gospel witness in such a manner, as will glorify Him. It is intended that your association, in whatever capacity, with the Faith Covenant Community Church Of America be taken seriously. The dignity, respect, and honor appertaining to such relationship should be revered, as though bestowed by Christ and not by the hand of mortal man or in response to human endeavor.

It is my earnest prayer that the church and its constituent ministries may so work together and love one another, that the "sin-bruised" of this world will see Christ, "... the Hope of Glory," in us and be drawn to Him. Toward that end, may we purpose to know Him and make Him known!

May God bless you continually and crown your labors with His success, now and forevermore.

Sincerely, In Christ's Love,

Dr. Stephen A. Johnson, Bishop