F.C.T.S. offers six curricula tracks: Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology, Ministerial Theology, Religious Education, Pastoral Counseling and Career Ministries. These range from the Bible Institute level through the Doctorate.




Certificate Programs; (Christian Life Coach and/or Christian Worker).

Associate Degree in Christian Ministry

Bachelor of Biblical Studies.

Bachelor of Theology.

Bachelor of Ministry.

Bachelor of Religious Education.

Majors: Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Counseling,

and Career Ministries.

Master of Biblical Studies.

Master of Theology.

Master of Divinity. (Clergy Only)

Majors: Pastoral Ministry and Pastoral Counseling.

Master of Christian Ministry.

Majors: Biblical Counseling & Career Ministries.

Master of Religious Education.

Doctor of Biblical Studies.

Doctor of Biblical Theology.

Doctor of Theology. (Clergy Only).

Doctor of Religious Education.

Doctor of Ministry or Pastoral Counseling. (Clergy Only)

Doctor of Christian Ministry or Biblical Counseling.

(Open to non-ordained church staff);

Majors: Biblical/Pastoral Counseling and Career Ministries.


Course Descriptions, (See PZ Writing Projects)


A (4.0) = Excellent D (1.0) = Passing

B (3.0) = Superior F (0.0) = Failing

C (2.0) = Good AC = Audit Course

WP = Withdrew Passing I = Incomplete

WF = Withdrew Failing

The grade symbols A thru F indicate the quality of the student's course work. The grade of "I" requires further work to receive credit. A grade point average of 2.00 is required for the Christian Worker Series through the Bachelor Degree. Graduate degrees require a 2.50 GPA.

Course Descriptions